Thursday, 27 September 2012

Cara Setting Default Modem innacomm w3400v streamyx

2 3 hari lepas aku punya streamyx meragam dan menyebabkan aku berjiwa kosong dan kembali mengingati tuhan. No more torrent, no more viral videos, no more gangnam style and obviously no more porn for the sake of humanity.

Well actually aku bukanlah the sole person yang perlu di blame atas kemeragaman modem  innacomm w3400v yang sebenarnya sedang ber happy nation parking disebelah casing cpu ancient rig ku ini.

Salah line dari tm lah. Kan ada 3 lampu kat modem tu, the power led ok, but my dsl led not blinking signal langsung. obviously the modem cant connect to the adsl line so how the f can the data be transmitted between the computer and the net kan? Payment tak pernah miss and i dont even touch or mod sikit pun modem tu. Tm line is the real culprit.

So i call 100 and menjadi seorang yang sopan menuntut hak hak berinternet seperti ceupacs yang sering meminta yang bukan bukan dari kerajaan bila dekat pilihanraya. I told them yang lampu dsl tak menyala. She told me to plug off the spliter and use the wall socket directly. i done that and still the problem persist. The phone line is working fine. i can make a phone call and receive calls. Then she told me dia akan ambik aduan aku and forward the report. She gave me the report number and tell me to wait for 2 days for them to fix the dsl thingy.

Aku pun macam ah okay. Bermula lah kehidupan hari pertama tanpa internet. Malam tu aku perasan the dsl led blinking tapi asyik blinking, not constant lights of rays macam mata cyclop.

Maybe modem aku ni bermasalah kot?

Then aku ambik modem tu and ah what the fuck cucuk the reset button. So now im left with a default factory setting modem. So now i need to configure it back as usual la so aku boleh ketepikan pemboleh ubah yang modem ni rosak.

So what do you do first?

Open your favourite browser and go to then you will be presented with a login screen macam ni.

Type username tmadmin and password tmadmin and login.

Klik the quick setup and fill the credential as below

Choose PPPoE as protocol and LLC for connection mode
Input your streamyx username e.g xhanafix@streamyx and also your password then press next.

You now presented with the wifi setting. You can unable of disable wifi by the checkbox and if you decided to unable the wifi then fill the ssid with your desire wifi id. As for me, well you can see my id. Now fill the password for your wifi at the network key(WEP) and leave the channel to auto. NEXT

This is the final step of quick setup. You can verified whether the credential your input earlier is correct and when you are satisfied then hit the save button below.

Now go to management and choose reboot the modem. And there you go. Anda telah berjaya set up the innacomm w3400v modem. Simple isnt it? Make sure you know your id and password for your streamyx account before attempting to reset the modem.

As for me? fuck the dsl light still not working after setting up so i had to wait for another day. So sememangnya bukan maslah modem tetapi line tm. Keesokannya the 1st thing i do adalah check modem dan betapa gembiranya aku kerana pada pagi tu lampu dsl and data menyala means dah ada internet  Humanity and insanity preserved once again. Wohoooo!

aku tak ditaja oleh yahudi untuk membuat tutorial ini. harap maklum


  1. hi do u know how to fix the modem as i accidently reset it few times and it is now on factory mode

  2. eleenakissablesugar,login mggunkan akaun super user,kmudian bru enable kan wifi.Super user akaun Username: tmadmin
    Password: tmbusiness


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